BREAKING: Lieberman Announcement at 1 pm ET


Jane phoned me a few moments ago to let me know that Lieberman’s HQ had notified some local reporters that he would have an announcement at 1:00 pm ET.  She just phoned me back to give me more details.

Team Holy Joe is phoning all the major news organizations to let them know that this is an important announcement.  Every reporter in town is headed to Hartford.  The announcement will be made from the steps of the state capitol.

In the words of one reporter to Jane, "This had better not be another speech about the affordability of higher education — or I’ll be seriously pissed."

Hold on to your hats, kids.  More news as I get it…

UPDATE:  Jane just phoned with the scoop.  Here’s the deal:  Lieberman is running as a Dem in the primary.  But he’s having staffers put out petitions in case he loses the primary so he can run as a sore loser "petitioning Democrat." 

Is it me, or does this sound like someone’s internal polling numbers are tanking even MORE than we know about publicly?  PS — Anyone talk to Chuck Schumer today?  *g*

UPDATE #2:  And it hits the newspapers — the Hartford Courant and the AP (via the Boston Globe).  (Hat tip to Sean-Paul at the Agonist for the heads up on these.)  Anyone know of a three-term Senator that has ever had to make such a WATB sore loser threat to petition for independent status on the ballot if they lost their party’s primary?

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