Image Be Gone


It seems that the Lady Anne has trouble keeping her Crying Game-sized wrists from filching other people’s stuff when they’re hammering away at the keyboard:

John Barrie, the creator of a leading plagiarism-recognition system, claimed he found at least three instances of what he calls "textbook plagiarism" in the leggy blond pundit’s "Godless: the Church of Liberalism" after he ran the book’s text through the company’s digital iThenticate program. 

He also says he discovered verbatim lifts in Coulter’s weekly column, which is syndicated to more than 100 newspapers, including the Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Sun-Sentinel and Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle.

I know she’s been trying to get down the Virgin Ben’s pants for a while, but I bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking…wrong Ben.  It’s box turtle time!

I think God, Darwin and the rest of us are all happy about that wingnut abstinence thing right about now, eh?

Update:  In the comments, Skippy says it ain’t the first time.  And The Rude One has been all over this….er, the plagiarism, that is.

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