Weekend Amusements


There is some funny stuff out there on the internets this weekend.  And after the last few weeks of dismal news, I thought we could all use a laugh or two this morning.

Bob Geiger has collected the Week in Cartoons — and there are some hilarious ones this week.

— Jesus General has a few funnies, but the one that caught my eye was the She-Ra in Ninja Turtle Garb graphic.  Priceless.  (Also, don’t miss the Al Gore quote from his Rolling Stone interview.)

TBogg is just funny.  Mwahahahaha.

— Needlenose is running a "Had Enough?" series that deserves a LOT more attention.  And they are taking suggestions for more images in the series.  If you’ve had enough — and have a visual that you think proves it — let them know.

— OMG!  Can’t…stop…laughing.  If you haven’t seen the Lewis Black smackdown of L’il Ricky Santorum from the Daily Show, get thee to Crooks and Liars.  What a hoot!

— While you are over at C&L, chekc out Robin Williams’ thoughts on the Rush Limbaugh "Viagra Vacation" out with the boys fishing excursion.  *snerk*

— Go.  Read.  Wolcott.  (Oh, and huge kudos to our own TRex for his Wolcott shout out.  You go, boy!)

— An oldie but goodie at Kung Fu Monkey.

— And from Roger Ailes (no, not THAT one, the good one), a double feature — here and here.  Read and laugh.

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