Prelude to The Dark Side


Am working on a post on last night’s Frontline documentary regarding the prelude to the Iraq conflict and the involvement of Cheney, Rumsfeld, the WHIG and the neocons, and their response to Amb. Wilson calling them on "the 16 words" — and their tug of war with the CIA and State Department.  If you did not see the Frontline documentary, it will be available online Thursday, beginning at 5:00 pm ET.

We’re having a bit of trouble juggling blogging and momma duties today — having a three year old who does not want to nap makes it tough for momma to go back over some points in her Tivo’d copy of the Frontline documentary — and I don’t want to leave you guys hanging until I can get there.

So I wanted to be certain everyone was aware that Michael Kirk, the producer of this episode of Frontline — which was part of an exceptional ongoing series that they have been doing about the Bush Administration’s response to terrorism, their foreign policy and security decisions (or lack thereof), and the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere — chatted today in the WaPo online discussions, and it is well worth a read:

Fairfax, Va: The program last night was close to riveting and would seem to suggest that the VP has been quite active for his disclosed and undisclosed locations. Why do you and perhaps a number of the interviewees conclude that Cheney is the "most powerful" VP in the history of the country? It normally takes historians a large number of years to draw any such conclusions. Who is able to speak so authoritatively on the inner workings of the Cheney-Rumsfeld relationship so key to the conclusions of the program?

Michael Kirk: Vice President Cheney has constructed (as more than one of our interviewees told us) a substantial national security staff; he has placed throughout the government people who have previously worked with him and who share his political and policy orientation, and the president delegated much of foreign policy and national security to the vice president. That is how we came to the conclusion he is the most powerful VP in history.

That is just one question of many that Mr. Kirk answered. As I said, well worth the read. And I promise to get my take on the show last night completed, just as soon as nap time kicks in…she says hopefully.

(Graphic via the world’s most potent heterosexual, The General.)

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