Perhaps Some Chanel, Instead?


Crooks and Liars has a clip from the Daily Show that is hilarious.  My favorite part is about halfway through, where Stewart is talking about the GOP becoming the party of "parsers," and then asks Ken Mehlman to name something about which the President and Vice President have been more open.  Mehlman’s response?

I think they are pretty open right now, and I think they are going to continue to be more open.

The audible moaning in the audience is a pretty good representation of how I was feeling listening to Mehlman on this, but the look on his face as he is saying it is priceless. Nothing like having the leader of the GOP on to laugh at his own ability to spin.

Stewart calls Mehlman on the whole GOP tactic of being open about something when it can be spun to make them look good, but clamping down on any information which might call their leadership into question.

Here’s my big question this morning, though:  are any of the media outlets following up on the Mehlman throwaway near the end where he says that Iraq doesn’t want to fall prey to things "like Afghanistan…being a failed state."  Does Hamid Karzai know we’ve decided he’s leading a failed state?  Because if that is what the Administration is really thinking, doesn’t the American public have a right to know that — along with the Afghan public?  If the Bush Administration and the GOP are going to be all about the "open government" now, let’s start being open about why we didn’t finish the job properly in Afghanistan.

Stewart calls Mehlman’s job having to "put perfume on those turds" — whatever he’s using, it’s not working.  Perhaps some Chanel, instead?

PS — Now that I’ve gotten more than one cuppa coffee into my system, I just want to say how nice it is to be home.  Travelling is exhausting, and blogging on the road is less than optimal.  Being back home in my normal routine, and being able to play with the peanut while doing so…priceless.

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