Given that the biggest problem that Bill Frist sees as facing America is that homosexual people might care enough about each other to have a committed relationship — since that’s the most important thing he can think to bring to the floor of the Senate next week (Hello to the hate the gays segment of the base, eh?  ooops, I mean the hate the gays, wave a flag and tote yer gun segment, since flag burning is up after that along with looser rules on a conceal carry permit.  They ARE worried about elections this fall, aren’t they?) — I thought this might be an illuminating glimpse into the world of the "you aren’t born that way, you choose it" mindset.  (via Pam’s House Blend):

FEYERICK: Cohen is an unlicensed therapist. He offers the theory that some kind of childhood trauma triggers homosexuality. All it takes is figuring out what it is, healing from it and moving on. One of his clients is a 42 year old program analyst who we’ll call Rob. Because it is such a sensitive subject, he asked us to shield his identity.

He began seeing Cohen three years ago after years of struggling with unwanted homosexual feelings.

"ROB", CONVERSION THERAPY CLIENT: I had a mother that basically committed emotional incest with me because they had a very bad marriage. She used me as her husband, a stand-in.

FEYERICK: Cohen explains Rob’s same-sex attraction is typical of the men he treats. Cold, distant dad, overbearing mom and overly sensitive kid. He showed us some of his unconventional techniques like touch therapy, in which he encouraging Rob to seek out same-sex mentors to basically re-create a healthy father-son bond.

What happens next is one of those "you have to see it to believe it" moments. Crooks and Liars has part of the video and it has left me seriously disturbed, not the least of which because all that rage could lead to someone taking it out on something beyond a pillow.  And I’m not sure, exactly, how being held by your unlicensed therapist is supposed to make you not gay any more?  (And, as Pam asks, did anyone see whether Cohen was having a schwing moment?  I’m just saying…)

Couldn’t we tackle the myriad of economic issues facing our nation?  Maybe the mess in Iraq?  Perhaps discuss our growing Constitutional crisis?  Yeah, I thought not.  Welcome to life in the Rubber Stamp Republican Congress where it’s all CYA, all diversion, all stir up the worst elements of the base so we can maintain power at all costs alla time.

Had enough?

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