Monday Tour of the Blogoverse


Holden has an update on the latest in Bush polling news.  Ouch. 

— Also on First Draft, Scout Prime has a great piece on the levees and New Orleans.  Great work — on this piece, and on so many others on the Gulf Coast and NOLA after Katrina.

— On Eschaton, Atrios points out that you’d better get your tickets early for An Inconvenient Truth — it’s selling out.  And you know that all the cool kids will be talking about it…

Laura Rozen catches a Newsweek piece on Steve Kappas and Gen. Hayden — and how Kappas coming back is a supreme slap in the face to all the "reformers" who were trying to rid the building of people who might tell the emperor that he is wearing no clothes.

— On Unclaimed Territory, Glenn has a great piece asking some questions about the Administration’s latest threats to jail journalists who expose Administration wrongdoing to the public eye.  So much for sunshine.

Froomkin catches a Knight Ridder article which finds that people just don’t like Bush much any more — even a whole lot of his former supporters. Double ouch.

Teresa Nielson-Hayden asks a good question.  (And manages to make me hungry for some soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai at the same time…)

— Be kind to yourself and visit Billmon today.  It’s a vacation and thought-provoking, all at the same time.

Americablog has links to the full complement of AT&T docs on Wired today.  Hooo boy.

(The photo is a favorite of mine from the Hubble Telescope.  This one is the birth of a star in the Eagle Nebula.  You can read more about this here from CNN.)

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