Reid, Clinton Get Punk’d By Lieberman (Again)


It’s sad to see the Democratic leadership get their collective asses handed to them in a bad faith deal, but they can’t say nobody warned them.  Matt Stoller reported Harry Reid made a deal with Holy Joe whereby he pledged to run as a Democrat, and in return they would endorse him.  Quite predictably, Lieberman is already selling Reid out.  From today’s Hartford Courant:

Lieberman has since refused to rule out an independent run for the Senate, should he lose the primary in August. But he declined repeated attempts to measure how seriously he is considering that option, saying his expected victory in August makes the question irrelevant.

As a result of this fine piece of leadership, Hillary Clinton sent out pro-Lieberman material which said he was against Social Security privatization in ways he was not.  Come on, Hillary.  Get with the program.  The rest of the women are just saying "no" to Enrique Suave Lieberman and his rapist gurney show, it’s time to get wise here.

I know they say there’s one born every minute, but it sure would be comforting to know they’re not running the country. 

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