Waiting for Godot…With Tea


12:50 pm ET: Making a cuppa tea. The Note changed its time for Grand Jury proceedings in DC from 9:30 am ET to 1:00 pm ET. (Thanks for the heads up, Jeff!) Guess we’ll see. No Fitz sightings reported as yet. But there’s a guy missing from a cruise ship and some separated conjoined twins and, apparently, Nicole Kidman is engaged to that country singer, Keith Urban. (Dang, there goes the TomKat update-o-rama!).

12:58 PM ET: No news on either CNN or MSNBC. Spilled my tea when my cat attacked me for some ear scratches. Searching the web now. (Does this make me a grand jury junkie?)

1:03 PM ET: MSNBC updating on the immigration amendments debates in the Senate. (FYI, Jeff Sessions? Still nasal.) According to CNN, it’s still flooding in New England. Oh, and there’s a guy missing from a cruise ship. But Nicole Kidman’s engaged! I’m going to need more tea. (It’s PG Tips today, btw, for all of you tea lovers out there. One of my British faves.)

1:12 PM ET: Kyra Phillips is having a weird hair day. And CNN is reporting on a creepy “deadly germ” story. Ewww. MSNBC – the EU is offering a lightwater nuke reactor if Iran agrees to stop enrichment program, China’s having a typhoon (hope readers in the area are safe), and all the phone companies are denying giving out any phone info. Ummm…okay…but could someone update on the courthouse?

1:22 pm ET: On MSNBC, more cute babies, and I’m happy for the parents that they are doing well. Over to CNN, and they are doing that British gecko/Geico commercial. Gosh, that little guy is adorable. News, anyone?  Nothing from any of my sources on this either, btw, and I’m beginning to think very mean thoughts about The Note.

1:29 pm ET: Oh yeah. It’s reached the fever pitch. CNN’s titled it’s McCartney split story "Love Me Don’t." I’m feeling so well informed. At least MSNBC is doing a new series on Iraq – Raw and Real, with Rep. Murtha coming up after speaking out again on the war today. Still nothing on Fitz. At this point, I’m going to stop the regular updates and will just let you guys know something if and when I get any news. At least I got some good tea…and, fwiw, the MSNBC Iraq reporting today is pretty in your face reality.  Interesting to see if this keeps going or if the Administration Patriotism Police raise a hissy fit.  They are talking about the HBO Documentary which will air on Sunday.

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