ROOTS Project: We’re Halfway There!


Yesterday, we kicked off the latest ROOTS project — a plan to deliver a copy of Crashing the Gate to every Democratic member of Congress.  And boy did you guys step up to the plate!  We’re at the halfway mark, and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has purchased a copy of CtG for the project. 

If you haven’t purchased a copy for the project and would like to do so, you can go to this page — which provides all the information on how to order, including the fact that the independent bookseller we’re using is giving everyone a 37% discount (which isn’t reflected on the online ordering page, but will be reflected on your billing, just fyi).

We are also still looking for volunteers to help deliver the books to the members of Congress — you can sign up to help deliver by e-mailing jay AT ackroyd DOT org.

If you can’t afford to participate in terms of buying a book — and, frankly, with gas prices as they are at the moment and rising costs of living, that’s certainly more and more of a concern for a lot of folks in this country of ours — and you live in the DC area, please consider being one of our delivery volunteers.  The more people we have to help out, the faster we can get the message to all 250 Democratic members of Congress:  we’re paying attention, you work for us, your consultants don’t necessarily speak for the voice of the folks out there beyond the Beltway,  and we’d like you to do your jobs with all of us in mind.

Huge thank you to everyone involved in this — especially the amazing ROOTS volunteers who thought up this project on their own, put together the logistics and are managing the sales and delivery issues now.  This is exactly what netroots is all about — truly, citizen action at its finest.  Well done, everyone!

Update:  As of 1:13 PM EST, Politics and Prose tells us we’re at about 190 books bought.  60 more to go.  Thanks all!  Let’s see if we can finish up by close of business today. — Pachacutec 

Update II:  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED  4:47 PM EST, 05/17/06.  More information coming soon.  THANK YOU ALL! 

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