What an amazing opening to Hardball today.  Really reflects well on Matthews:

I know I told everyone last night that the grand jury in the CIA leak investigation was going to meet today, and that we’d be devoting our entire show to the story tonight.  And I know I went on Imus this morning and got everybody pumped.  Sorry to say — we got punked.  Our sources were wrong, we just read The Note and didn’t realize that the grand jury is scheduled to meet every Friday; whether they do or not is another thing.  We apologize for getting everyone excited over nothing, our bad.  We’d also like to thank Dusty Foggo for his profound bad judgment so we have something besides dead air for the next hour.

No of course he didn’t say that.  He just pretended like the whole thing never happened.  Well, we fell for it.  We should’ve known better.  Jeff was right and I was wrong — I would’ve thought a responsible producer would’ve checked into it a little more thoroughly before running with the story.  Matthews either doesn’t have one or won’t listen to them.  Those wanting to know more about the latest in the CIA leak investigation can find great articles on TalkLeft and The Next Hurrah, as usual.

Meanwhile over at The American Prospect, Garance Franke-Ruta has some excellent counsel for journalists engaged in adversarial relationships with left-wing bloggers.  Jeebus I hope they don’t take her advice, it would ruin all the fun.  It’s not even a party until their egos get involved, they take the whole thing personally and say something really stupid. 

Nobody send it to Joe Klein, ‘kay? 

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