Getting a Search Warrant? How Quaint!


So, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo’s home and office have been searched today — in a joint CIA/FBI investigation operation, according to John Roberts on CNN.  (Hat tip to Josh.)  Something tells me this is a whole lot more than taking a few pens and paper clips as Dusty went out the door.

Will we ever get a straight answer on what this has to do with last week’s Goss resignation?  No idea, but it is raising a whole lotta questions in my mind.  Including whether Foggo was allowed to take things from his office after his resignation — or whether he was told to leave everything there.  And whether the warrant, which is typical, had very specific items or issues in mind for the search — and what, exactly, were those?  Wouldn’t THAT be interesting to know.

It does bring the whole CIA Inspector General’s investigation into Foggo’s contracting shenanigans with Wilkes (see, e.g., Cunningham, bribery, prison) into much sharper focus.  And potential connections to Goss and others at CIA and DoD?  Hmmmm…..  (The Muck has more on the house raid, btw, including pictures.)

Guess the FBI’s public corruption unit — which is already looking into more than 2,000 cases nationwide — just added another item to its "to do" list today.

Lessee — are there Republicans who aren’t under some sort of investigation for corruption, bribery, illegal activities or other nefarious dealings?  Seems to me that might be the easier list to make these days, since the people under investigation, indicted, convicted or under suspicion is an ever-growing list…Cunningham, Abramoff, Reed, Lewis, Rove, Safavian, Rudy, DeLay,…

(Photo via Josh Marshall at TPM.  Welcome to the 1960 Psi Upsilon fraternity at Yale.  A small world, indeed.)

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