Running on Fumes?


Reader clb72 has an observation that fits in nicely with the previous article on the Bush Administration’s sagging poll numbers and what that could mean for the Fall elections:

Is it even accurate to call them the Rubber Stamp Congress? It seems more notable that they control everything but aren’t getting anything done (except doling out dollars to pals, where it’s true they’re very rubbery).

Maybe it’s more accurate to call them the “Out of Gas” Congress.

I touched on this a bit yesterday here and today here.  Digby had a great post yesterday that fits into this discussion perfectly and which I wanted to highlight for everyone, with Digby saying that:

The Republicans are in free fall. Considering that, is it not possible that the American people would like to find out what happened to the billions missing in Iraq? That they would be happy to see the congress exercize its oversight of the executive branch? That looking into the hanky panky leading us into a dramatically unpopular war is good for the country? Hello?

Many in the establishment believe that Democrats are in grave danger if they ever show they give a damn about anything. It’s one of the reasons why people don’t feel anything for the Democrats. And for some, the strategy is always the same no matter what the circumstances: when the Republicans are popular, don’t make waves. When the Republicans are unpopular, don’t make waves.

But think about this. Do the Republicans really want all these scandals being brought up constantly during the campaign? I don’t think so. That’s why they are trying to manipulate the Democrats into keeping quiet about them. Any six year old could see through this cheap ploy.

My heart is hoping for a real campaign where we call things as they really are in the GOP-controlled Congress. But there’s this nagging suspician that there are too many Democratic politicians who are listening to the consultants who want them to play it safe instead of their inner-six-year-old.

UPDATE:  As Jane points out in the comments (and is spot on, btw), Matt O.’s fantastic series on War Profiteering is one huge piece of this GOP smarm puzzle.  I do hope that Dem candidates will take Digby’s post to heart and use actual, real facts in their electioneering.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m itching for a smackdown of the GOP rubber stamp brigades.

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