Twists and Turns on the Goss Resignation


Russert reporting that conversations with Goss began several weeks ago with John Negroponte, with the full knowledge of the WH.  Goss began changes previously, but that there needed to be a new person to oversee those changes so that there could be "healing" within the CIA after those changes.

Russert says Negroponte will be deciding on the person to be appointed to the Director of the CIA job, recommend that person to the President and that Bush will then appoint.  Remind me again, who is in charge of this government?  The CEO model of governance continues.  Heckuva job, Bushie.

Russert says that he’s learned this from a senior WH official.  Sure, this is some damage control spin, due to the shocked reaction of the press to a surprise Friday afternoon resignation announcement — and all the more disbelieveable given the fact that if Negroponte has been talking to Goss "for weeks," why not have the replacement ready to go today?  That’s how they’ve done things with most replacement announcements where there was some actual lead time for preparation.  You know.  But hey, spin isn’t necessarily always fully plausible.

O’Donnell reporting that Gen. Hayden wants the job.  Earlier reports that Joe Lieberman was also being considered have been poo-poohed by Lieberman’s office.  The AP has more.

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