Rush’s Pee Deal


Looks like Bluster Boy will be doing the ole pee in a cup routine for the next 18 months, for regular and random drug screens.  And all of his malarky on his radio show yesterday, notwithstanding, it’s a definite plea deal with the standard terms of supervision, from what I can tell.

Rush Limbaugh must pass random drug tests for the next 18 months to satisfy an agreement filed Monday that will lead to dismissal of a prescription fraud charge if he stays out of trouble.

The conservative commentator also must continue treatment for his addiction and cannot own a gun, according to details of the deal made public Monday. And the agreement says he "will refrain from any violation of any law."

This is pretty standard stuff — I detailed some of the usuals earlier, and the reporting on the deal looks like he’s following the general probation supervision requirements.

The amusing thing for me was Rush’s attempt to spin this to his listeners on his radio show yesterday.  Being booked and having his mug shot taken wasn’t an "arrest," it was "processing."  According to Rush, the case has ended now.  Um, hello?!? 

No, Rush, you were booked due to a plea deal in your criminal case — for which you will be supervised for 18 months and, should you fail to successfully complete your probationary status, your deal will be revoked and some punitive measure will be taken by the court.  That clear enough for you?

It may be a sweetheart deal — because prosecutors and investigators screwed up and seized your medical records via a search warrant instead of properly using a subpoena, so that they were hamstrung in terms of trial without a cooperating doctor — but you still have a long, long way to go before you are out of the woods on this.  Some humility and perhaps some acceptance of responsibility on this would be in order for someone under criminal probation supervision. 

But I guess you’ve changed your mind about all drug addicts needing to be jailed — now it’s all drug addicts but you, eh Rush?  Hypocrisy hotline, I need a Rush delivery…

(btw, I swiped the headline from Keith Olbermann.  I laughed so hard at this last night during Countdown.  Bwahaha.)

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