Friday Amusements (And One Disturbing Bit)


Okay, so yesterday, I’m watching Hardball (guest hosted by Noron, pictured above) and the headline "Bush’s Poll Dance" pops up while she’s discussing poll numbers with Howard Fineman and John Harwood.  After laughing until tears started rolling down my face, I immediately e-mailed Crooks and Liars to see if John Amato might have been watching the show.  Well, he was on it — and mercifully, pulled the screen grab.  I’m not certain if they intended this to be so funny or what, but it’s worth a Friday chuckle either way.

If you missed the Colbert Report last night, it was a doozy.  Watch this video and see Bill Kristol reduced to a stammering piece of jell-o.  (Why oh why can’t real reporters do this on the nightly news more often?  Yeah, yeah, I know cocktail weenies and access.)  This is so good, I may have to go watch it again myself.  Mwahahaha.

Forni-gate isn’t going away any time soon, it looks like — in fact, it’s a raging…ewww.  Nope, not going there.  But it does look like this was an onoing (as in 15 years ongoing)…erm…service.  (Oh, and good on Georgia10.  h/t to Atrios for the link.)  Billmon has even more.  And this is just damned funny.  But at least the House Armed Services Committee finds Duke to be clean as a whistle.  (And now I need a hot shower…because I’ve been reading stuff like this.  Ewww.)

Mean Jean Schmidt gets reprimanded for violating campaign laws.  (Although I’m sure that isn’t funny to her, it is sort of a joke on the idiots who voted her into office instead of Paul Hackett.  Not that I’m still pissed or anything.)

Froomkin is exceptionally good today — and he gives Jane a shout out for her fine Shuster versus Pool Boy analysis.

Apparently the frat boy in the Rep. Sweeney frat party photo was not smoking doobage, just fyi.  (The fact that I am even writing that sentence cracks me up.  Just so you know.  This is a member of Congress photographed at a frat party.  Hellooooo?  Where was any sane person on his staff?)

Finally, this isn’t amusing.  It’s appalling.  But I’m highlighting it because Digby hits this out of the park, and I’m wondering, too, if this sodomizing as torture/amusement is becoming more pervasive or are we just hearing more about it these days?  Even with all of my time among criminals in my professional career, sometimes something happens that is so appalling even my jaded, cynical brain sits up and goes "what in the hell is going on with these people?"  This is one of those reads.  Be forewarned, it is disturbing.

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