I do not read enough books.  When you sit here and blog all day long you tend to read widely but not deeply, and I for one would really enjoy the collaborative thinking about books I’m reading that we all bring to reading the news together on a daily basis.  So we are going to be having the Sunday afternoon reading group and our book editor is going to be the incredibly literate TeddySanFran.

We’ll be starting this Sunday with a 5pm EST/2pm PST discussion of Crashing the Gate.  But I want to throw out the topic for discussion about the best way to structure the book group — would people be more likely to participate if it was one book per month that was continually discussed four weekends in a row, or one book every two weeks, or even one per week?  How would you like to choose books, how much advance notice will you need in order to get ahold of the book and read it before you can feel able to discuss it, etc?

One of the first books we’ll undoubtedly be discussing is Glenn Greenwald’s book How Would a Patriot Act?  It’s an amazing book that I had the good fortune to read a short while ago.  If you haven’t done so already I urge you to go to Amazon and advance order a copy (Amazon will gauge their order from the publisher on the number advance ordered, so if you’re interested in supporting Glenn who totally knocked himself out to do this in 6 weeks, you can do so here.) 

I’ll have more on Glenn’s book a bit later but it would be great to hear people’s preferences for a reading group in this discussion thread.