Somebody Had Their Wheaties…


Someone at the Chicago Tribune had their Wheaties this morning.  (Or, really, last night before the paper went to bed…but you know what I mean…):

Vice President Dick Cheney is among the most secretive members of the Bush administration. But he’s been in his bunker long enough. It’s time for him to answer some questions–and not in the friendly venue of Fox News.

Given the allegations about his role in the surreptitious disclosure of classified information related to the war in Iraq, Americans have a right to hear his story. The best way to get it is by an unscripted news conference in which the vice president confronts all the questions that have been raised. For him to remain silent amid the current turmoil suggests that he–or the president–has something to hide.

Cheney has long been suspected of involvement in revealing the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame–whose husband, Joseph Wilson, had publicly disputed the Bush administration on Saddam Hussein’s supposed attempts to obtain uranium for nuclear weapons….

So someone is lying. It could be that Libby acted on his own in leaking the information. It could be that Cheney told him to do so without the president’s approval. Or it could be that Bush was behind the leak. Those are questions that the Cheney ought to step forward and answer, along with questions about the unmasking of Plame….

Boo yah. That’s a huge step forward for a conservative newspaper that normally functions as Karl’s megaphone.  (E&P has more here.) 

Although, now that I mention it, Karl’s name is suspiciously absent from the editorial. Hmmmmmm…that does make a girl wonder, now doesn’t it?  Internecine warfare, anyone?

UPDATE:  What does it say about the lack of factual reporting from the AP, when even Dana Milbank manages to get it mostly correct today?

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