Rubber Stamp Republican Congress Stamps…In Action


Behold, the power of snark…

Yes, these are, indeed, the very stamps that were ordered by folks here at FDL and around the progressive blogosphere last week. 

And today, some of these very stamps achieved their true potential thanks to Matt Stoller of MyDD — who I am told, by a reliable source, got spiffed up nicely in a suit and red tie for the occasion — and the fab folks (Dan and Jason, especially) at PoliticsTV

They took a lovely basket of Rubber Stamp Republican Congress stamps up to the Hill, decked out in with a large, red ribbon.

Yes, indeedy, thanks to the marvelous folks at PoliticsTV, we will have video of the inaugural Rubber Stamp Republican Congress stamp delivery to….well, you’ll just have to wait and see when the video is cut and ready for viewing, I’m afraid. 


Until we get the cut and ready video, you’ll have to make do with this missive from Matt:

Ok, so there are over 1000 stamps here. I emptied one box into the basket, but there are still two full boxes. I can’t carry all of these! Why did you send so many?

Oh well, I guess we’ll have to figure out other ways of using rubber stamps in Washington, DC. That’s going to be really hard.

You guys ordered well over 1000 of those stamps!  So we had not only plenty for our first delivery plan, but also more than enough to make a few more "special deliveries" of Rubber Stamp Republican Congress stamps to deserving folks on the Hill.  And have we got some serious plans for those stamps.

I’m sure we can come up with a few more very deserving recipients, aren’t you?

Until we can share the video clips from today’s escapade, we can share this with you:  tune in to C-Span this evening and watch some amusing doings on the floor of the House of Representatives starting at around 10:00 pm ET.  Who knows — the roaming stamps may make an appearance.  A little bird tells me that we may catch a glimpse or two or…several…of our stamps this evening, so you know I’m going to be glued to the tube with some popcorn.   Talk about yer must see teevee!

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