House Dems on the Rubber Stamp Republican Congress


After a bit of e-mailing, I’ve managed to get a copy of the stamp that House Democrats used in this morning’s 1-Minute Speeches.  In case you missed it, House Dems spent some time this morning calling the Rubber Stamp Republican Congress to account:

Jim McDermott

Donna Christensen

Rahm Emmanuel

Diane Watson

Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Frank Pallone

Louise Slaughter

…all got in on the act.  If you could take a little time today to thank each of these Democrats, that would be great.

I’m hoping to have some video of the speeches later today — and I’ll link it up when it gets posted.  And if you missed it somehow the last couple of days, we’re taking our own initiative against the Rubber Stamp Republican Congress — you can find out how to help here.

Sure has been a fun morning thus far, hasn’t it?

FYI, on the Jack Abramoff front, MSNBC reports that the sentencing hearing will begin at 1:00 pm ET today.  I’ll let everyone know what I hear when I hear it.