Citizen Action Update


The stamp company has graciously offered a 20% discount for the stamp orders.  You must enter SPRING (in all caps) in order to receive the discount.  This discount will apply on all orders which are made until noon tomorrow.  You can find all of the ordering information as well as shipping information in my earlier post here.

The NSA hearings have ended in the Judiciary Committee today, but for those who are interested the Hamdan v. Rumsfeld case arguments in the Supreme Court are being played on C-Span3.  You can listen to the arguments online here.

The LA Times has a summary today.  TChris also has more at TalkLeft.  Huge day for the legal wonks in the audience.

I’m trying to confirm what may or may not be going on in terms of schedule changes for the Censure hearing scheduled for Friday in the Judiciary Committee.  Sen. Specter seemed to indicate that some change might be made.  When I get confirmation as to whether any or no changes will be made in the schedule, I’ll update for everyone.

(Graphics love to the always fabulous DarkBlack.)