Oops! Can Frist Have A Mulligan?

CNN is reporting that Trent Lott says the leak on the black ops CIA detention and torture facilities came from….erm…a GOP Senator. (Mrs. K8 below heard "Republican staffer" — until the report repeats, I can’t confirm one way or the other. Just FYI.) Does Frist get a mulligan for ill-planned press releases? Or do we all just get to laugh at him? More information as we get it. *snerk* [This was an on-air report from Ed Henry, btw, nothing in writing yet.] UPDATE: Raw Story has more. Looks like it may have been a Republican Senator — much of the information discussed in the WaPo report was discussed at a GOP Senatorial meeting last Tuesday. And, by the way, if they’ve known about this for a week, at what point were oversight hearings going to be held? UPDATE #2: CNN confirming that it may have been Republican Senator and perhaps Republican staffers as well. Cheney was on Hill last Tuesday — "everything in the story was said by Cheney" in the meeting. Blitzer calling it a "bombshell" story — that the GOP may be investigating themselves. Lott saying that it could be an ethics investigation, "we can’t keep our mouths shut" according to Lott. Reporting that Lott walked into a roomful of reporters and made the statements and left reporters "stunned." UPDATE #3: Crooks and Liars is on this as well. Plus, there is some great video of today’s press briefing — prepare for major laughing. Ahem.

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