Turkey Day…what's on the menu?

Not that anyone is particularly interested, but here’s what’s going to be on the menu tomorrow at my house (sorry if there are any vegetarians online — it’s a carnivore household here):

* Leg of lamb

(marinated with lots of garlic, worchestershire sauce, black pepper, celery and carrots)

* Turkey legs (I’m skipping the whole bird this time around)

* Homemade macaroni and cheese

* Kale (leafy greens cooked in vinegar w/salt)

* Green beans

* Mashed cauliflower

* Stuffing

* Yeast rolls

* Waldorf salad

* Homemade apple pie w/vanilla ice cream (just pulled the pie out of the oven)

* Tagamet

Every year I say we’re going to go out so I don’t have to slave in the kitchen, but I do it every year. :)